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What is Cube Planet?

Cube Planet is a puzzle game with minimalist design.

In Cube Planet, you play as a yellow cube on a green, rectangular-prism planet. Your objective is to get to the red goal. However, you can only control which direction your cube moves- you can't tell it to stop. Instead, the cube will keep moving until you reach the end of the planet's face, after which it will flip to the other side.

In certain levels, there are rocks. These stop your cube from rolling. This can block your path in some cases, or be used to position yourself better for reaching your goal in other places. There are also rocks that slide when you hit them, for even more puzzle mechanics.

Where can I play Cube Planet?

How to play?

  • Swipe to move the player cube around the cubic planet.
  • Once your cube starts sliding, it will keep sliding until it flips over to the other side of the cube or hits an obstacle.
  • Brown rocks as obstacles can block the player cube from sliding if it hits them. It would help position your cube so you can complete the puzzle.
  • Grey rocks as movable obstacles are similar to brown cubes, while they will be moved on within the sand area.
  • Stop at the exact position of the goal to pass the level.
Published Dec 06, 2016
StatusIn development
Tags3D, blocks, Low-poly, Relaxing


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